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Telephone Systems for Businesses

At Maincoms, we offer you a complete and extensive range of bespoke business phone solutions. These are designed to give your business communication the edge, improving your efficiency and workplace satisfaction.

Whether you’re focused on moving to a Hosted phone system or looking into Hybrid or On-Premises solutions, we can support you. Our telephone systems are fully featured, giving your business communication everything it needs to thrive.

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Hosted Phones

What is a Hosted phone system?

This is a phone system in which the actual telephone system is located in the cloud rather than at your place of business. It is a type of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system that eliminates the need for expensive physical hardware and expensive analogue or Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) phone lines on site.

Hosted phone systems benefit from resilience, mobility, scalability, and low upfront cost. By using one of these innovative, cloud-based business telephone systems, you can make your communications faster, cheaper, and more flexible.

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Hybrid Phones

What is a Hybrid phone system?

A hybrid phone system is one that is on your premises, bringing all the benefits of a classic phone system and a modern VoIP solution together.

This type of system gives you all the features of your existing Private Branch Exchange (PBX) setup with the added functionality of running its lines over the internet (known as SIP Lines).

Hybrid on-premises phone systems are one-off purchases. This means that once your system is paid for, there are no ongoing monthly hardware rentals or additional seat charges.

This means it’s an excellent option if you intend to regularly add phones and users. Hybrid systems offer exceptional scalability and can be a great way of reducing costs in the long run.


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Cordless Phones

What is a Cordless phone system?

A Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication (DECT) phone solution allows you all the features of a typical VoIP phone without keeping you stuck to your desk.

As experienced cordless VoIP phone providers, we offer several different solutions that allow you to receive calls while on the move. With an indoor range of 50 metres without a repeater, you can be sure that our cordless phones will allow you to roam freely and not miss a call.

Cordless phones are excellent choices for businesses with extensive premises and the need for flexibility and mobility while in the workplace.

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Next-Generation Features

Computer Telephony Integration

Our feature-rich UC app allows seamless collaboration between phone systems and computers.

Call Center Console

Equip your agents and supervisors with innovative and useful tools like Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Operator Panel, Wallboard, and more.

Omnichannel Messaging

Go beyond just voice. Engage with your customers through SMS and WhatsApp messaging to provide exceptional consumer care.

Operator Panel

Gain real-time visibility into call flows and dispatch calls with the easy drag-and-drop function. Staying on top of your communications has never been easier.

Remote Working

In a world where working from home is more and more prevalent, our systems enable you to work from anywhere and stay connected with secure remote access.

Video Conferencing

Connect with customers, clients, and colleagues face-to-face with reliable, robust HD audio and video.

Bespoke Business Phone Solutions, Designed for You

You won’t find Maincoms on comparison websites. That’s because we only work directly with our customers to ensure we’re providing the right solution for your telecom needs.

We aren’t just selling you a product; we’re working to offer you the perfect solution based on your individual needs.


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